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Ham Youth Centre

Activities during COVID 19

We are doing things differently because of COVID-19. We hope to be offering the following timetable starting 11 January.

Ham Youth Centre timetable (pdf)

Young people's guide to reopening at Ham Youth Centre

Youth centre staff are following the guidance of the National Youth Agency (opens a new window) to keep you safe. This includes regular cleaning of equipment and contact surfaces, limited group sizes, frequent hand washing and the wearing of face masks.

Young people attending sessions will be required to agree to the following control measures: 

  • Young people must wash their hands on arrival and exit from building
  • Young people to wear masks unless there are sufficient grounds not to eg medical condition, playing sports etc
  • Young people enter and exit through side fire exit 
  • Young people to ensure good hygiene by following  the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
  • Each session will have limited group sizes, max 15 
  • Young people must tell staff if they fall in to a vulnerable group or live with someone from this group
  • Young people not to attend if they or any member of their household have any of the symptoms of Covid19 (high temperature or a persistent cough).
  • Only one person in toilet/ kitchen at a time - young people must ask staff

Ben Skelton 
Youth Work Lead - North East Cluster
Phone: 020 8288 0916  Mobile: 07903 349719

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