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Powerstation Youth Centre Summer Holiday Programme

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A free programme of positive activities for children and young people aged 5 to 19 years. Running 7 days a week from 26 July until 29 August.  You can read about each activity and how to book below or download a copy of the programme if you prefer. 

Powerstation Summer Activity programme (pdf)

Just a Taste

Learn to cook with the amazing ‘TheKids CookerySchool’ who will be bringing their portable Kitchen to PowerStation. Whilst young people are not cooking or eating they can take part in a range of physical activity such as Multi Sports, Dodgeball, Football, Basketball etc. All sessions will include an element of nutritional education and offer at least one healthy meal per session.

among us

Come take part in a murder mystery in the youth centre. Take part with your friends and youth workers and work out who did it. You will be given a map of the building, tasks to complete and you can even call your own emergency meeting.


Come and take part in a different art activity every week. Ranging from jewellery making, printing, tie dye, resin art and much more. We ask that young people please wear clothes that they don't mind getting dirty.


The drop-in project for young people aged 11 to 14 year olds to socalise with young people close to their age in secondary school, take part in a wide range of activities, and help form new friendships.

Football Festival and Golf Day @ Heatham House

Heatham House is hosting two community sports events this summer. Football Festival will be a tournament against other youth centres and teams across Kingston and Richmond.

The golf day will be a fun tournament against other youth centres from across London in partnership with LondonYouth. Please contact Danielle Hutchinson for more information.

Please bring bottles of water with you to refill and some snacks will also be available. 

First Aid

First aid knowledge and skills are valuable. Even basic first aid knowledge can make a difference in life threatening situations. These sessions aim to give young people the knowledge and skills of first aid in case a situation occurs in their life where they may be able to help someone else. 

Junior club

Our all year round after school club for young people aged 8 to 11 years old. They can take part in a wide range of activities ranging from sports, art, cooking music, dance and more.

Youth workers also get young people to take part in a group game which helps develop their social skills and make new friends. The session also aims to develop bonds and friendships amongst young people as they transition from primary to secondary school, with the aim to make this transition smoother. 

Senior Club

A Friday night project for young people to take part in a range of activities and have full use of the building, including the music rooms, gym, sports hall, art room, kitchen and more. These sessions are more structured, formal activities taking place to help build young people’s confidence, skill set, and abilities in activities such as the music and sport. Youth workers are also on hand to speak about young people’s issues, and provide support and guidance in all they need.


Table tennis on the weekend? Come down on Sunday, relax and socialise whilst also improving your table tennis skills. Funded by London Youth and London Sports, SERVED is the new weekend table tennis project for young people 8 to 13 years old. It provides young people with a safe space on the weekend, as well as access to youth workers at times where they traditionally wouldn’t have had them before.


Football training sessions with Fulham FC Foundation. Split age groups on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Please bring a bottle of water to every session to refill. 

Keeping it Wild

Working in partnership with other local organisations the #KeepingItWild programme offers young people the opportunity to get involved in nature and enjoy local attractions and gardening throughout the year.

LiveWire - studio booking

Young people can book our music studios to work on their production skills, create new tracks and record their own lyrics. The options are endless. (Studios use Logic software). 


We have limited spaces on trips so please contact Danielle Hutchinson to ask about them. We can not guarantee everyone a space, so if you do not get a chance this summer, we will try our best to ensure you get a spot in the October half term. 

Work Out

Come and book your one-on-one or small group fitness session with Jonah. Sessions will be tailored to you and your goals. Sessions will use a combination of gym work and sports. 


A weekly drop-in session on Wednesdays for young people aged 14 to 19 that provides a safe space in the evenings. Young people will have access to activities such as football, music production, basketball, hair and beauty, healthy relationship and lifestyle discussions, fitness and the gym, and more. Young people also have the chance to speak to Youth Workers about their problems, college life, friendships, relationships, lifestyle choices, university planning, the C-Card scheme, and more.

L.A.T.E.S flyer (pdf)


Come along and learn the basics of a new language. Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate, and is now replacing traditional British and American Sign Language to create a universal approach to sign language.

mini olympics

Come and take part in a variety of sports with our mini olympics programme. Wednesdays will be a mix of different Olympics activities, team games and more. Thursdays will focus on golf and fencing. Please bring a bottle of water with you to each session. 

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Come and learn mixed martial arts and self defence techniques with coaching from ‘In the Bag’. Please bring a bottle of water with you to each session. Not only can MMA help improve your fitness but also teaches discipline, social skills and respect.


Our all year around after school club for young people aged 8 to 11 years old. Young people can take part in a wide range of activities ranging from sports, art, cooking music, dance and more.


Come and take part in a photography workshop, learn how to use a professional camera as well as having fun on cameras such as a GoPro and lets get snapping.

This summer we will have outdoor photography sessions as well as a studio at PowerStation and a photo editing session using photoshop.


How to join and what happens on your first day

Any new young people who attend the youth centre for the first time will be asked to fill in a membership form with emergency contact details etc. We ask a parent or guardian to fill this in for young people under the age of 16 however, young people 13+ can fill in their own forms and we will contact parents to check the details. Young people under the age of 13 without a membership form filled in from a parent or guardian can not remain onsite.  Membership is free and sessions are free unless however wise stated.

Membership forms can be emailed to parents if requested.

Booking on to activities

Make sure to book your place before turning up to the youth centre.

FUEL (Feed Ur Everyday Lives)

The FUEL programme aims to offer activities to all children and young people (5 to 16) who are eligible for benefits related free school meals.  If you think might be eligible to book a place on this basis please contact Danielle Hutchinson directly as spaces are held for children and young people on the FUEL programme. 

If you are not eligible for a FUEL programme place 

Please us the booking system on Eventbrite (opens a new window).

Once you have booked your place and filled in a membership form you are ready to go and take part in a wide range of activities.


Danielle Hutchinson

Phone: 020 8288 0876

Mobile: 07864 615077


Powerstation Youth Centre

121a Mortlake High Street, SW14 8SN