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Ham Youth Centre

Welcome to Ham Youth Centre!

Ham Youth Centre has been serving the Ham and Richmond Community for over fifty years providing a hub for teenagers to spend their leisure time. We are located on the side of Ham Green opposite Grey Court school. The 371 bus stops just round the corner.

Latest programme

Summer programme 2022 (opens a new window)

Who are we?

We are a team of experienced youth workers who work with 11 to 19 year olds in Kingston and Richmond to provide fun, affordable and developmental activities.

What do we do?

We provide young people with a safe space where they can meet their friends, talk to staff, and take part in activities. This includes sports, cooking, the arts, music, offsite trips and lots more. We are open after school every day of the week and also during school holidays. 
We run accredited awards for activities such as AQA Unit Awards and the Arts Award. We also offer support on issues young people sometimes face such as stress, substance misuse, relationships, sexual health, school, careers, internet use, etc. We operate the C- Card scheme (opens a new window)

What facilities do we have?

See the above film for a tour of the building.

Ham Youth Centre contains a three room music studio, a parkour gym, archery range, fully equipped gaming lounge with Play Stations, gaming chairs and gaming PCs and a new art studio run by professional
artists and fashion designers!

How do I find out what's on?

See the link to our latest programme or contact Ben Skelton on the details below.

What is Youth Work?

Youth work is a complex series of professional principles, practices and methods which we often describe as the science of enabling young people to believe in themselves and build positive futures.

Youth work takes a holistic approach with young people. It starts where they are at – the relationship between young people at youth worker is entirely voluntary – youth work often only works because of the voluntary relationship. Many professionals work with young people, but principally, only in youth work is it the choice of the young person to engage with the professional.

Our work seeks to promote young people’s personal and social development and enable them to have a voice, influence and place in their communities and society as a whole. It builds resilience and character and gives young people the confidence and life skills they need to live, learn, work and achieve. This approach is at the heart of all of our work.

Youth work offers young people safe spaces to explore their identity, experience decision-making, take part in new activities, increase their confidence, develop interpersonal skills and think through the consequences of their actions. This leads to better informed choices, changes in activity and improved outcomes for young people. 

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Ben Skelton 
Youth Work Lead - North East Cluster
Phone: 020 8288 0916  Mobile: 07903 349719

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