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Looking after your home

​Property Maintenance

When you live in supported accommodation or on your own, you can request support from a key worker to help with looking after your home for up to two years. This can include if you are in a trainee flat, in a private property, or in permanent council accommodation. General maintenance of the property is a joint responsibility between you and the landlord. You must keep the property clean and tidy and can assist in ensuring things don’t break by looking after your property. If something breaks and it’s not your fault, then the landlord should fix this. However, if you break something deliberately, this is more serious and could be considered an offence.

If you need support for general maintenance, you can ask your social worker or personal advisor. You should also be shown basic DIY skills before you move to your own place and you can use these in your own place.


"The Mix" website ’ contains links to useful apps, including one about living independently: Home Truths is here to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about living on your own. 

Setting up home allowance

When you move into your own tenancy you are entitled to a £2,000 setting up home allowance. You will be supported by your personal advisor to select and purchase items for your home, including white goods and furniture. This budget may not get you everything you need, so it is important that you look for items on sale and begin saving for your home prior to moving. Friends and family may also have items they don’t need anymore, which you can use to stretch your budget further.

Other places to look for free or low cost furniture and household items

Local furniture donation and re-use organisations can provide good quality second hand furniture, safety-tested appliances and other household items for young people starting out in their first homes.

Local charities may also provide starter packs with household essentials such as bedding and towels, a kettle, cups and plates, cutlery, pots/pans, cleaning materials, spare light bulbs etc. Some organisations providing starter packs do so only as part of a tenancy training agreement, with the overall aim of helping the young person with tenancy sustainment.

Kingston Community Furniture

Richmond Furniture Scheme

Freecycle Kingston

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