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Your health passport

Every young person will be given a Health Passport from 16 to 8 yrs old by a nurse from the Children Looked after Health Team who will be able to take time to explain its contents. Your Health Passport is a passport sized book and is designed in such a way that each one will be unique to the person with their medical and birth history typed into it. It can be updated at any time by you and the information in it is private and confidential. You might need this information in the future if you have any medical treatment or when you access health services that may ask for your history.

It may help in the future if you need to consider any family history for your future health.

You can take it with you when you go to see a doctor, dentist, or anyone else you might see about your health.

Your Health Passport also contains information on the NHS (who is who and what you can expect) and some useful contact numbers and websites for future reference.