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Covid-19 Gardening Competition


This gardening competition was inspired by Start the Week, BBC Radio 4 Program with Sue Stuart-Smith, Psychiatrist, author and keen gardener - Click here to listen

Proximity to green nature has been shown to alleviate anxiety, improve mood and revitalise cognitive functioning, as well as reducing blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Research shows that taking exercise outdoors is more beneficial than exercising in the gym. In addition, gardening involves contact with the soil, which provides exposure to ‘friendly’ bacteria that can enhance the immune system.

Who is this for? All Children Looked After and Care Leavers
When does it start and finish?

1st June to the 1st November 2020

Why the gardening competition?

To make a CHANGE to an outdoor space

To have fun and be outdoors!

Gardeners have stronger immune systems, gardening relieves mental health (those with PTSD will prefer walled gardens), it improves physical health, reduces isolation and creates positive ‘attachment’ memories

How is the competition marked and how do I get the funding?

Each household will be awarded £30 to start the project 

You will need to keep a visual diary (videos or photos) and a written diary, recording how the young people feel, at the start of the session and how they feel at the end? How much have they enjoyed it?

For funding requests, please email

The diaries  will need to be emailed to the Children in Care Council by the 1st of each month

What do we win? The Children in Care Council will decide and you will be emailed very soon!
How do I get extra points? Extra points for: having a Social Worker, Personal Advisor to help – Bonus for a Manager/Department Head/a Community   Leader, getting local sponsorship/donation to help, listen to the radio program and answer three questions, visual diary of change, number of hours young people spend in the garden and some added monthly bonuses will be announced.
I have more questions! Email
Who are the Staff Members?

FUNDING Chris McPhee, Participation Officer, Children in Care Council - Email:


SOCIAL MEDIA Sophie White, Communication Officer - Email:


GARDENING Simon King, Head Gardening Advisor - Email:


Project Manager - Email:


Children In Care Council - £200

Green Leas - £200

Leaving Care Team - £200