The Children in Care Council for Kingston and Richmond is focused on building relationships with the young people in our care and all departments within children’s services. The mission statement is: 

“The CiCC exists to provide Children and young people in care with the voice they need to be heard”. 


The CiCC helps young people to:

  • Make positive change 
  • Make new friends 
  • Represent views of other young people 
  • Gain new skills 
  • Discuss matters important to other children and young people 


When projects crossover, we work with partners such as the Virtual School, independent reviewing officers, looked after children’s nurse and foster carers to ensure the CiCC can work jointly to deliver their vision. This relationship helps build a comprehensive picture of the child’s or young person’s voice. 


CiCC members meet on alternate Thursdays at Heatham House, Twickenham and Guildhall One, Kingston. The focus is on creating a friendly, pleasant and comfortable semi-formal meeting environment for discussions and consultation to take place. It allows the group to suggest projects, which can be aimed at tackling issues in their lives or simply develop a common interest within the group. There is also a fun element to the meeting.

The agenda covers a mixture of projects that are chosen, any government and/ or service changes, young people’s ideas for shaping the service and suggestions from foster carers. Some of the projects we have run to date include: 

  • Participating in Voices, Rights and Choices training where care leavers provide training to officers from AfC and partners about how best to work with children and young people. 
  • Organising and coordinating a number of events including: the annual Christmas party for children in care and care leavers; the award ceremony for children in care, which celebrates their achievements; the summer BBQ; and a bake sale. 
  • Planning and filming a CiCC DVD to provide information about who we are and what we do. 


Each year CiCC plan and attend a residential trip. It includes senior managers and provides the setting for further informal consultation. 

There is a CiCC Members Handbook, where you can find more information about what the CiCC does.