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Looking After Yourself

Pregnant? Not sure what to do?

There are many myths around about getting pregnant. Some people believe that you can’t get pregnant:

  • The first time you have sex
  • If you have sex standing up
  • If you have sex in the bath or shower
  • If you have sex during your period
  • If the boy pulls his penis out of his partner's vagina before ejaculating (coming)

NONE OF THESE ARE TRUE!!! You could get pregnant in all of these ways

Do you think you could be pregnant?

  • Have you recently had unprotected sex?
  • Did the condom split or come off?
  • Have you been sick whilst taking the pill or been taking medicine that could interfere with the pill like antibiotics?

If you think that you could be pregnant it’s best to do a pregnancy test as soon as possible. They are simple and all you have to do is provide a sample of urine.


Teenage pregnancy guide

NHS choices has a guide for young mums (opens a new window) that looks at issues like:
  • who to talk to for confidential advice
  • getting help if you're on your own
  • continuing your education