There are websites where you can search for sexual health services in your area.

Find a sexual health service near you

The Getting it on website gives advice on:

  • sexual health
  • sexually transmitted infections - contraceptive
  • emergency contraceptive
  • pregnancy
  • LGBTQ questions

You can also use the service finder to find a sexual health service near you (Getting it on)

Find a service with 'Getting it on'

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Local pharmacies or chemists

At many pharmacies, you can get:

  • free emergency contraception (‘morning after pill’) for those under 25
  • chlamydia screening for those under 25
  • gonorrhoea screening for those under 25

See a list of pharmacies that offer free testing and emergency contraceptive.

Your doctor or GP surgery

Most GPs offer:

  • free contraception for all ages, including long acting reversible contraception (LARC) such as implants and coils
  • free Chlamydia testing for 15 to 24 year olds
  • free Gonorrhoea testing for 15 to 24 year olds

Some local GP surgeries offer contraception and sexual health services to those not registered with the practice. Please call individual practices to check.

Find a GP near you using:

NHS choices service finder


Spectra work with diverse communities to improve the positive and informed health choices of individuals. Non-judgemental and peer-based services include: health checks, HIV testing, groups (including for trans, non-binary, genderqueer and questioning people), free condoms, counselling and one to one support.

Visit the Spectra website

You can also Visit the Disrepect Nobody website for range on information about consent and different forms of abuse