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Looking After Yourself

Recognising you have a problem

How will I know if I may have a problem?

Some of the signs you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs are:

  • you feel the need for a drink or the drug/s regularly
  • you have a constant supply of it
  • you have some uncomfortable physical feelings when you don’t use and/or crave it
  • feeling you can’t cope with day to day life without them
  • you have been unable to stop using alcohol and/or drug/s
  • their use has started affecting your friendships or life at home
  • you are questioning your own use
  • you are doing things you wouldn’t normally do (some examples might include stealing, hanging out with different friends, missing classes or days at school/college/work, withdrawing and you are no longer interested in the things you used to be doing).

If you are worried and want to speak to someone, asking for help is an important first step.

If you are worried about you own drug or alcohol use and you live or go to school in Richmond or Kingston you can contact:

Young People's Wellbeing Hub 020 8547 6920 or email