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Looking After Yourself

Drugs and Sex

Taking drugs (including alcohol) can affect your sexual health and wellbeing.  

Drugs, including alcohol, can make us feel more sexually confident or sexier in general.  However, how drugs and alcohol loosens our control and affects our bodies and minds has its downsides. Too much alcohol, or drug use mean you could take more risks: 

  • They can cloud your judgement and lower your inhibitions, making you feel less able to make decisions or lead to decisions you may later regret including forgetting to use a condom or finding it harder to have that discussion.  This leaves you at risk of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • You could choose to have sex with someone you don’t even fancy or be pushed into something you would never do while not being under the influence.
  • You might find yourself being sick from drinking too much alcohol or using drugs; if you’re taking a contraceptive pill this could make the pill less effective which puts you more at risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

It is important to consent to any sexual activity and having sex under the influence can cloud your judgment or make you not sure about what you said. Equally having sex with someone under the influence of any substances may be considered as non-consensual.

Having sexual contact of any kind with any person when you don’t want to is not acceptable, it can be hard to share this but we want to help you so please tell a safe adult or contact Childline.

Peer pressure

We all experience feelings of wanting to fit in with the group and being accepted by others. You may sometimes feel that you have to do something just because you see all your friends doing it. Peer pressure may make us do things that we would not normally do such as experimenting with drugs and alcohol. It is important to feel like you can say no and make your own choices.

Giving into peer pressure may lead to negative consequences later in life, you could even end up with a criminal record which will affect your life choices. If you feel under pressure by others talk to someone you can trust like a teacher, close relative, youth worker or school counsellor.