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Looking After Yourself


If someone close to you - a member of your family or a friend - dies or disappears from your life, it can be really hard. It's normal to feel strong emotions like shock, sadness, anger, guilt, fear or depression.

Everyone reacts differently and when you feel like this it means you're grieving or going through grief.

When you feel really sad, you might wonder if you can ever feel happy again. Don't worry - after a while it'll feel a little less painful. You just need to give yourself time.

Experiencing grief or loss

When you’re missing someone, it's normal to experience these things:
  • having trouble sleeping, eating or concentrating at school
  • going off things that you normally enjoy
  • pretending that you feel OK even if you don't as you want to be ‘strong’ for people around you

Dealing with loss

You can get through grief with enough time. Try not to:
  • bottle things up - it will help to talk about how you're feeling with another person - either with a friend or a counsellor
  • drink or take drugs – you might think they can make you feel better, but they won't help you get any happier
  • self-harm - if you feel you want to harm or even kill yourself, it's really important to tell someone so they can help you, like a parent/carer or a friend

If you know someone that's recently lost a friend or family member, you can help by letting them know you’re there for them, if they want to talk, and by doing ‘normal’ things with them which will make them feel better.