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Post 16 admissions

If you need advice on the process for sixth form application, please contact your head of year, careers teacher or the sixth form admissions officers at the school or college you are applying to.  You can see the post 16 offer and admissions arrangements for each school or college by visiting individual schools’ websites to find out entry requirements and course information.  It is also useful to ask about the minimum number of available places for external applicants and to make sure you are aware of the closing date for applications, as some providers require applications in Year 10.

Year 11 pupils currently studying at schools in Kingston and Richmond or outside the boroughs may apply to join the sixth forms in Kingston and Richmond – the same entry criteria apply to all.  However, internal applicants will be considered first and availability of places to external candidates will depend on the uptake of places from internal applicants.

Generally, learning programmes will run if there is enough uptake. When you apply, schools and college will look at what you have achieved (and are projected to achieve at GCSE) as well as what you are looking to do after you leave, usually at age 18. Admission on to programmes in Year 12 will only be considered if you have achieved the right level of qualification for entry.

Some schools across our boroughs work in partnership in the sixth form including Teddington, Waldegrave and Hampton High, Coombe Schools in Kingston and Richard Challoner and the Holy Cross School in Kingston, and Grey Court in Richmond and Hollyfield in Kingston. If the subject you want to does not appear within a school’s prospectus, it is worth checking with the individual school whether those subjects can be accessed through another school within the partnership.  Where schools work in partnership you will need to apply to each school separately.