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The Spear Programme is designed for young people, 16 to 24-years-old, who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). You need to be available Monday to Friday, 2pm – 5pm for six weeks. You need to be able to travel to one of the Spear centres in London or Brighton.

Offers a 6 week coaching and highly interactive programme to help 16 to 24 year olds get into work. You would attend Monday to Friday from 2 to 5pm and the programme runs 6 times per year. You would be able to develop your confidence and motivation and improve your communications skills and also gain a Customer Service qualification. Following this you would get help with CVs and interview skills and support to prepare you for job-skills matching and application support with intensive into-work support.

In addition you have personalised mentoring to plan your individual needs and career progression.

The support I received at Spear was invaluable and helped me change the way I think. They put me forward for an administration role in a small recruitment agency. After three months, I was promoted. I would never have found this job without the support of Spear and would still be really frustrated. Now my future looks bright and I know where I’m heading!


Thanks to the year-long support that Spear offers, Niyet has got a job as a Junior Recruiter and is now working as a Lead Researcher.

Spear has centres across six different sites in London and the surrounding area.

Visit for more information and or contact them at the following centres below.

Bethnal Green
Call: 020 3327 0436
Text: 07496 567055

Clapham Junction
Call: 020 3327 0185
Text: 07947 131524

Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush & Fulham
Call: 020 8748 5824
Text: 07715 657279

Call: 020 3327 0051
Text: 07587 957427

Call: 020 3327 0157
Text: 07507 908783

Call: 07535 626769
Text: 07535 626769