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SAFEFROM Campaigns

​The Youth Safeguarding Group is made up of elected members of Richmond Youth Council as well as non- elected members. This group works closely with the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) in ensuring young people’s views inform the local safeguarding agenda. They have undertaken a borough wide piece of peer research to ascertain young people’s understanding of what constitutes safeguarding, as well as knowledge of the relevant support service young people can access in the borough.

Based on the finding and recommendations of that peer research the LSCB has just commissioned the Youth Safeguarding Group to undertake the development of a high profile, innovative campaign to create more awareness amongst young people of safeguarding issues. This project was shortlisted for a national highly prestigious award.

 Safefrom  - Teenage abusive relationships 

The group have also recently completed the highly topical Safefrom Extremism campaign.

Safe From Extremism - Executive Summary (pdf)

Safe From Extremism - Peer Research Project (pdf)

We have also developed film resources that tackle the following issues:

  • Young People and Risky Behaviour
  • National Child Measurement Programme
  • Young People and Mental Health (watch our video below)

Our No 1 key objective for the coming year:

 To create greater awareness of the impact of eating disorders amongst young people and help them to build resilience and improve their knowledge of local support services and reduce the risks of stress and anxiety associated with exams.