Very professional. Safe, non judgemental environment. 

Helpful, supportive group, professionals involved were knowledgeable and caring.

More funding needed to shorten waiting lists/have access.

Friendly and caring staff that made my daughter feel safe to be here.

We have been very impressed with Breana and the support and help we have received. We are very grateful for how responsive and understanding she is with our son's issues.

I would recommend it to a friend.

Overall impression - very professional and positive experience for our family. Lotte is a good ambassador for your service!

Sometimes I didn't know what to say or how to answer a question.

I can see a significant improvement in my daughter's emotional wellbeing after the sessions. 

 What I really like about my sessions is that my therapist didn't make me do anything I didn't want and that I didn't have to speak about it if I didn't want to!!

It was difficult for my husband to attend the meetings due to the times being during work hours. I feel he would have benefited from being there.

The facilities were basic and the waiting room could be more comfy.

Huge thanks for all your wonderful support this year. We are truly thankful for all the kindness and consideration you have shown to help her get better. It really has been transformational.