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Information for DofE leaders

How to become trained as DofE Coordinators and Leaders, and to run successful expeditions.

All DofE expeditions being run by schools or centres must notify the DofE office:

Expedition notification form (opens a smart survey)

This includes all expeditions being run independently by the school or centre, in partnership with other schools or centres or expeditions being run on the school or centre’s behalf by an Approved Activity Provider.

More information

This notification must be received at least:

  • 6 weeks before a Bronze or Silver Expedition (practice or qualifying).
  • 6 weeks before a Gold practice or qualifying Expedition or any expedition operating in Wild Country.

For expeditions operating in Wild Country areas you should also complete the our online notification form and forward this to the appropriate Expedition Network AND the Richmond DofE office, at least 6 weeks in advance of the expedition.

Please note that this form does not in any way reduce the need for strict adherence to your own Educational Visits Procedures. Please ensure your expeditions are covered by your School Journey Insurance or other relevant insurance cover, and have been approved by your Educational Visits Coordinator.