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About the Youth Service


About Youth Provision

Who are we?

We are a team of experienced and qualified youth workers who work with 11-19 year olds in Richmond and Kingston with the primary focus to enhance the wellbeing, personal and social development during the transition from adolescence to a young adult.

What do we do?

  • We create and plan youth work opportunities and activities with young people to provide positive, affordable activities that are delivered through schools, and during their leisure time
  • We offer opportunities for young people to achieve and improve their skills through accreditations such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, AQA Unit awards and water based accreditation.
  • Youth workers are able to meet young people to talk with in a range of places to offer friendly and supportive information to encourage safe and informed choices
  • We offer information and support on issues young people are facing e.g. pressure, stress, substance misuse, safe relationships, preventing risky behaviour and career preparation
  • We can help young people to access more specialist support if you need help
  • We encourage participation for young people to be part of our future planning, consulting on future services for young people and promoting the voice of young people
  • We operate the Youth Enquiry Service across Richmond and Kingston to promote positive and healthy choices including operating the  C-Card (contraception) and Smoking Cessation schemes.

We aim to give all young people who live in Richmond and Kingston the chance of a positive future, by helping them to:

    •    learn in ways that make them want to achieve
    •    take part in positive activities providing unique and new experiences
    •    make informed choices about their lives
    •    be aware of the support services that are available before problems get worse

We do this through three types of service:

A Universal offer

We work with young people aged 11-19 across youth centres, mobile youth buses, detached and street-based youth work and specific projects i.e. holiday activities, offering a range of opportunities to learn, gain knowledge and skills, volunteer and become active members of the community.

This offer is free and provides all young people with positive leisure activities that support young people to fulfil their potential to improve, achieve and learn about themselves, make informed safe choices to improve the wellbeing, personal and social development during the transition from adolescence to a young adult.

A Targeted offer

We aim to educate young people through activities, experiences and opportunities who are more vulnerable or at risk of getting into trouble or making choices that put themselves or others at risk.  The targeted offer focuses on strengthening the support and learning needed to prevent and reduce the risky behaviours to encourage improving the wellbeing, personal and social development.  These focused activities can take place in a range of locations including schools, youth centres, street-work with young people.  We will also measure young people’s learning to show the positive progress being made towards positive choices.

Vulnerable or at risk young people we can help include those:

  • who would benefit from additional support at school or alternative education options
  • questioning their sexuality or gender
  • using substances such as drugs or alcohol
  • involved in activities that break the law or cause anti-social behaviour
  • experiencing a lack of self-esteem and confidence
  • experiencing concerns about their mental health
  • at risk of harm, exploitation or abuse
  • struggling with either peer or parental/carer relationships
  • not in education, employment or training (NEET)

A Specialist offer

To complement our Universal and Targeted offer we aim to educate young people through unique and bespoke activities, experiences and opportunities available to all young people or referrals only.  Our specialist offer for all young people includes:

  • Access to The Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Experience a range of exciting activities at Albany Outdoors
  • Floodlit outdoors 5 aside 3G pitch, basketball and Skate Park at Heatham House
  • Music venue and music rehearsals at Heatham House

Our specialist support for referred groups or individuals only include:

  • Prevention of first time entrants into the Youth Justice system – Triage Programme
  • Preparation for driving and theory tests – Driving Simulator programme
  • Working with young people at risk of/or experiencing Sexual Exploitation

How can you access youth services?

Contact us if you would like for information on local youth work activities on 020 8547 6920 or email us at the Youth Resilience Business Support Team:

We are always looking for adults who are interested in giving their time to support our work through volunteering, if you are interested please email: and ask for further details.

Visit one of our youth centres by following the link for up to date activities and events.  If you are worried about a child or young person you can find More information on the Single Point of Access