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Regional and local information, advice and guidance

Achieving for Children (AfC) 

The AfC Early Years Team can provide sustainability information and guidance. In some  cases we are able to offer individual sustainability support for providers. If providers have followed links and guidance offered on this page and feel they may require further support, they should email details of any concerns or queries to , mark your email  for the attention of ‘Sufficiency and Sustainability Officer’.  

 AfC produces an annual ‘Childcare Sufficiency Assessments (CSAs) (opens a new window)’ on behalf of Kingston and Richmond Councils.  The reports provide information about the supply and demand of childcare at borough wide and ward level, which can be used to support business planning.  


The Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames 

Provides Business Support Services (opens a new window) to give support, advice and guidance for setting up and running businesses in the Borough.  

This includes the Business Information Resource Centre (opens a new window) delivered in conjunction with The Kingston Chamber of Commerce, providing networking, training, advice and business development opportunities.


The London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

Provides a ‘one stop’ area of Business information (opens a new window) on their website. This includes the Richmond Enterprise Challenge (opens a new window) bringing together independent business support providers who offer a range of events and opportunities.

Richmond Council provides a range of  information and guidance for the voluntary sector (opens a new window) - this includes support and advice and also information about local funding opportunities which may benefit voluntary sector providers or individual families.