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Requesting support from the advisory team

Pre-visit request form

To request support from members of the advisory team (Inclusion and Improvement Advisors, SEN Support Officers, SEN Manager or Advisory Team Manager), please use the form below. Please include as much information as possible so we are able to process your request, this will also help us to plan ahead and signpost you to any appropriate services which you may be able to access ahead of support being received. You are able to request support for any of the following: 

  • Inclusion support for 1 individual child with SEN/Disabilities or additional needs (1 child)
  • SEND support for your SEN provision where you would like advice for more than 1 child (group of children)
  • Quality and Improvement support (including safeguarding). You must outline the reason you require this support if you are currently graded as good or outstanding by Ofsted

Requesting inclusion support

You can request Inclusion Support when you would like advice, strategies and interventions for 1 individual child. You can request support from your I&I or from the SEN Support Officer but please make sure your I&I is aware of any children you request support for. If you have more than 1 child you require support for, please request SEND support for your provision. Due to capacity, a member of the team may not always be able to observe every individual child with additional needs/disabilities and provide specific recommendations. 

Requesting SEND support

You can request SEND support for your provision when you have more than 1 child you would like support with. The advisor or officer will be able to offer general support, strategies and good practice ideas to support multiple children with additional needs. We do not need specific details about every child as it may not be possible to see all of the children in your setting but we do require a brief summary of the volume of children, the types of needs they have and the support you have already put in place. 

Requesting quality and improvement support

You can request Quality and Improvement support for your setting,  If you are currently graded as good or outstanding by Ofsted you must outline the reason you require this support so a decision can be made as to which type of support can be provided. You are able to request support for Safeguarding, Ofsted Actions or Recommendations, General provision support, Complaints, Staff practice, Leadership and Management and Preparing for Ofsted. There may be times where your advisor is unable to offer the support required such as a visit for ‘preparing for ofsted’ if your setting is good or above due to capacity, however they will be able to assist you with telephone support or signpost you to networking sessions or workshops being run by the Early Years Team. 

Outcome of your request

Your request will be considered by the member of the team who you have requested support from. They may offer you:

  • Signposting to AfC Info website
  • Signposting to Learning Portal for further training
  • Signposting to the Local Offer
  • Offering a telephone consultation
  • Offering a virtual meeting on ‘Google meet’ 
  • Offering advice via email
  • Completing a visit (with appropriate consent)
Make a request for support by completing this google form - Pre Visit Support Request 2023-24 (google form)