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Michael - Youth Achievement Award

Hi My name Michael and I’m AfC Participation Member.

I have decided to make this blog, to tell you about the youth achievement award. The youth achievement awards are a series (Bronze to Platinum) and currently I’m working towards the Bronze level.

I wanted to do the youth achievement award, not only to gain new skills and experience but also to push myself out of my comfort zone! As a group we decided to start with the Bronze awards, to complete the award I had to complete two challenges, within the challenging I had 3 to 4 targets. Each challenge I had do to 12 to 15 hours of work.

The challenge I created to do was raising awareness of the local offer website and chairing an meeting. I then identified the targets of being calm and specific.

Gaining confidence and focus on the task in hand I then use those skills to introduce the local offer to my old school. Once I finished my presentation at my old school, I then contacted Karen (the SEND Local Offer website manager) to discuss not only the feedback from the web pages but how we could move this forward. It was also in this meeting that Karen asked me if I wanted to make this blog for the hub.

And now sit back and relax and enjoy this amazing


Things that are good:
  • Young people can give their own views 
  • Like how the page looks
  • It is a great idea
  • You can see stories from other people
  • It is helping and kind
Things that are not good:
  • There are no videos
  • If you have a broken computer you can't use the website
Things young people would like to see on the Hub:
  • Instagram page
  • Facebook
  • Quiz​
  • Can people go abroad or to college and university?
  • To be aware of what is going on
What Achieving for Children willl do:
  • The Participation Team will think how they can use Instagram and Facebook better and put links on the Young People's Hub.
  • There is a new "Next Steps" guide for young people about studying and work options. We will put this on the Young People's Hub.
  • We will think about how we can let young people know more about what is going on in the Local Area.
  • We will try and add different content like videos and maybe other interactive information such as Home Truths which is an app that can help you learn about living independently (opens a new window)
Message from Karen - Local Offer Website Manager 

Thank you Michael and pupils at your old school for taking the time to give your feedback. Your comments were helpful and your great suggestions will make the Young People's Hub much more useful for children and young people.

Feedback received about this page:

Well done Michael! You’re a great example of a young person doing amazing work for the local community.