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The Richmond Local Area SEND Inspection

Richmond Local Area SEND Inspection is taking place next week, Monday 14th - Friday 18th June.  

We are really keen that as many children and young people as possible are able to share their views with inspectors as part of this - in whatever way is easiest for them.

What is a Local Area SEND Inspection? 

A Local Area SEND Inspection is an assessment to find out how well a local area supports children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 

It checks how well the area finds out who needs support, decides what support they need and gives them the right support to reach their goals and prepare for the future.

It also checks whether the local area gives children and young people and families the information and advice they need and listens to and involves them in plans.

It checks how everyone does this, including schools, health, social care, the Council and many more!


Who inspects the Local Areas?

The Inspection is carried out by people from 2 different organisations; The Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Ofsted. 


Why are the Inspectors coming to Richmond?

Every Local Area must have an inspection and it is now Richmond’s turn!  

The inspectors will come to Richmond for a week between Monday 14th June and Friday 18th June 2021.


How will the Inspectors decide how well Richmond is doing?

The Inspectors will talk to lots of workers in education, health and social care and check their reports and records.

They will ask some children, young people and their families how well Richmond supports them. 

Afterwards, the inspectors will write a report.  It will say what Richmond is doing well and what needs to improve. 


How can you get involved? 

It is really important that the inspectors hear children and young people’s views because it is all about you!

There is an online survey you can do.  Answers will first go to grace over (SEND Participation), who will share them with inspectors.  You do not need to give your name.

Please only take part in this survey if you are a child or young person from Richmond!

Click CYP Inspection Survey 2021 (opens a new window) to start the survey. It will close on Tuesday 15th June at 6pm.

You can download a copy of this information with Easy Read symbols and a QR code (word) 

You can download a copy of this information with Easy Read symbols and a QR code (pdf)

If the survey is too tricky to complete, you can also:

  • Email grace your views in words, drawings or photos
  • Send grace a voice or video message
  • Ask someone you know well to share your views

If you would like help to give your views, please contact:

grace over, SEND Participation Officer (AfC) 

Phone: 07990 620707