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Easy read information about COVID 19/Coronavirus

Advice from the NHS about face coverings


Kingston Council's Peer Advocates Katy and Mario share advice on how to prevent spread of virus

Letter from Ian Dodds, Director of Children's Services and Tonia Michaelides, Managing Director, Kingston & Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Ian Dodds, Director of Children's Services and Tonia Michaelides, Managing Director, Kingston & Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) sent the following letter on 23 April:

A Message for Children and Young People in Kingston and Richmond

Dear Children and Young People of Kingston and Richmond

We hope you are well and not finding the lockdown too tricky. My name is Ian Dodds. I am the Director of Children’s Services in Kingston and Richmond. I am Tonia Michaelides. I am the Managing Director of Kingston and Richmond Clinical Commissioning Groups. (Health services)

Our job is to make sure that children and young people who have special educational needs or disabilities, get the support they need to learn, to have fun and to be healthy and happy.

We don’t do this on our own! We work with many different people in education, health, social care, schools and colleges.

We wanted to send you a message at this very strange time.

Everything is very strange at the moment for all of us because of Coronavirus. We are spending lots of time at home and are missing going out, seeing friends and doing our usual activities.

Lots of us are finding the situation frustrating and worrying.

Most children and young people are not going into school or college at the moment and are learning at home. For those who are at school or college, it may feel different from normal.

It is really important for all of us to follow the Government’s rules about social distancing to stop the virus from spreading.

This includes the people who support you. This makes it harder for them to support you in the ways they normally would.

The good news is that everyone is finding new ways to support children and young people, like sending work and activities by email or holding lessons, clubs or therapy sessions by video call.

We have asked the people who normally support you, to keep in contact with you regularly, by email or telephone or by video call if possible. Young people have told us that speaking to people and seeing their faces really helps.

Young people have also told us that it can be difficult to stay positive at the moment, so we have asked some young people from our participation group to share their top tips and positive messages with you! We are sending them to you with this letter.

We have also put lots of useful information on our ‘Local Offer’ website here.

We want you to know that we are thinking about you all during this difficult time. And we are trying our hardest, along with all the people we work with, to make sure you get the support and activities that you need.

Stay safe, stay well and stay positive.

Ian Dodds

Director of Children’s Services 

Tonia Michaelides 

Managing Director Richmond and Kingston Clinical Commissioning Groups

To talk to someone about this letter, please contact our Participation Team at or on 020 8547 6521 

Letter to children and young people (pdf)

At the same time Young People in the SEND Participation Groups shared their top tips and positive messages with children and young people to help them during the COVID crisis. 

Top tips and positive messages (pdf)poster‚Äč


Easy Read information about COVID 19

Here is some useful information about COVID 19 and Coronavirus and how we can help ourselves and other people to keep safe. 

Mencap information for people with a learning disability and families (opens a new window)

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