Dean spoke at a recent conference in Kingston and Richmond.  Dean took some time to record this special message for young people in Kingston and Richmond.

You can find out more about Dean and his life and work here:





Credit: film created by and uploaded with kind permission of Alex Amelines (Studio Tinto)

Short films

"Making plans for Nigel" is a short film made by North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group and coproduced with the autistic and learning disability community to raise awareness and understanding of their needs and wishes.


‚ÄčNational Autistic Society: 'Too Much Information' campaign (opens a page on an external website)

SEND Family Voices: 'Reasonable Adjustments' film featuring twelve children and young people with SEND, including Autism (opens a page on an external website)


Resources created by 'Ambitious about Autism'

Ambitious about Autism: dedicated website section for Autistic young people aged 16 to 25 (opens a page on an external website)

Do you want to connect with other young people with autism and hear all about our Participation projects? If you're aged 16 to 25, you can explore this website for more details!

Ambitious about Autism: 'Know Your Normal' toolkit (opens a PDF document)

If you are an autistic person, or know an autistic person who wants to help people around them understand what their normal is, this tool can help. The ‘know your normal’ tool allows you to describe what your normal looks like, things such as how much sleep you get, how much time you spend on your interests and hobbies and how this makes you feel, so that if this changes, it’s easier to explain to people who may not understand your autism that something feels different.

Ambitious about Autism: Guide to the London Underground (opens a PDF document)

This is an easy read guide on how to travel around the city of London by using the London Underground (also known as the 'Tube').