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"About our group" - accessible guide for activity providers

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What is the purpose of the ‘About our group’ flyer ? 

The purpose of the ‘About our group’ flyer is to provide information for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disability (SEND) about leisure or social groups, clubs or activities in a format that is accessible to them.

The guides will hopefully enable children and young people to find out about available groups and activities and choose whether or not they want to attend, as well as helping them prepare for and feel less anxious about attending a new group.

"About our group" template (pdf)

Guidance for completing the " About our group" flyer (pdf)


The template has been created in a similar format to the individual ‘About Me’ Guide that professionals create and use to introduce themselves to children and young people with SEND.  This is because young people have told us that sticking to a familiar format is helpful.

This template has been submitted to the Young People’s ‘Easy Info. Group’, which is facilitated by the Achieving for Children Participation Team.  After a couple of tweaks, the group members have approved this design.

For that reason, as far as possible, please stick to this format.  Font size, type and colour, layout, box size and images have all been decided carefully.

The young people of the Easy Info. Group have also contributed to this guidance.

  • Please do not alter general layout
  • The blue boxes are just a layout guide – please delete once you have inserted photos / symbols
  • Consider printing off the guides on non-white paper (e.g. cream, pale yellow or pale blue) as some children and young people find these colours easier to read from
  • Keep words short and simple – do not use acronyms, abbreviations or jargon
  • Do not write words in capitals or underline words
  • Use the amount of space given for words – 2 lines may not seem enough for ‘Who can come?’, but the more text, the less accessible.  Stick to essentials – people can contact you to find out more
  • Photo at the top:  should be a general photo that shows the group, activity, venue, name sign etc
  • ‘Who we are and what we do!’ section can contain images of staff and/or activities and/or rooms etc.  You do not have to use all 5 spaces, but do not use more than 6 images in total.  Stick to photos of people or things that children and young people are likely to see when they come
  • Photos should be good quality – not blurry or pixelated
  • Photos should not be cluttered – people should be against plain backgrounds
  • BoardMaker symbols are the best recognised
  • Photos and/or symbols should be the same size and shape if next to each other
Help or Feedback

If you have any queries about the guide, need some advice about completing it, have used it and would like to feedback on the process or would like to find out more about the Easy Info. Group, please feel free to contact Grace Over, SEND Participation Officer at Email: or on 020 8547 6521.

You can upload your completed guide if you are adding your activity as an event on the "What's On" Calendar on the Local Offer.