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Travelling to and from education - Richmond SEND Transport

About SEND Home to School Transport in Richmond

Home to school transport in the London Borough of Richmond (the Council) is delivered by Achieving for Children (AfC). 

A key aim of the SEND Code of Practice is preparation for adulthood.  It’s vital that all young people can prepare to live as independently as possible.  Like other young people of a similar age, many young people with SEND will want to get a job when they are older. The ability to travel independently is a key employability skill. Without this, getting employment could be more difficult, if not impossible.  We know that Independent Travel Training (ITT) will not be possible for every young person. But, we are able to offer ITT to help those young people willing to take part, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria for SEND Transport assistance. We aim to help them to become more independent as they approach the next stage of their lives.

Balance Independent Travel Training (opens in new window)

The Councils and AfC are committed to meeting the educational needs of as many children and young people as possible within local schools.  In most cases, this will mean that children and young people can walk or cycle to school with their parents or carers.  The Achieving for Children Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Home to School Transport Policy sets out how we will help the small number of children and young people who find it difficult to travel to school without some assistance. This includes the policy for pre and post 16 SEND Transport. 

Richmond Transport Policy 5 to 16 years 

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Home to School Transport Policy 5-16 years (Richmond) (pdf)

Richmond Post 16 Transport Policy and Statement

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Post-16 Transport Policy and Statement (Richmond) (pdf)


Apply for SEND home to school transport for your child

You can apply for SEND transport services using our online form. Before you do we recommend that you read all the information on this page.

Online SEND Transport Assistance application form (opens in new window)

This application form is for use by families in Kingston and Richmond boroughs when applying for SEND transport assistance from Achieving for Children. 

Contact us

If you have any questions about completing this application, or if you have already submitted an application and wish to make a follow up enquiry please contact either:

For Richmond resident children, the main contact is Denis Baku - Phone: 020 8547 4708 Email:  

For Kingston resident children, the main contact is Mary Gavin - Phone: 020 8547 5540 Email:

However, both team members will be able to help if your call is urgent.

This parent guide sets out the arrangements for providing transport assistance to pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). It is intended as a user guide for families where transport has already been applied for, assessed and agreed. If you are considering applying for SEND home to school transport, while this guide will be useful, we recommend that you read the full policy above.

Getting to School - User Guide for Parents and Carers (pdf)


If you are unhappy with the decision which you have received from the AfC SEND Transport team, in the first instance you should get in touch with the team again to see if a senior officer is able to do anything else to help resolve your concerns (this is stage 1 of the appeals procedure).  

Download the appeals procedure (pdf)

Following the review by a senior officer, you remain unhappy and feel that you would like to formally appeal a decision, please use the form below.

Download the Richmond Appeal Form (word)