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Balance Independent Travel Training


Our Independent Travel Training (ITT) programme for young people from Kingston and Richmond is provided by Balance Community Interest Company. The programme is offered to children and young people who meet the elibility criteria for SEND Transport assistance.

A key aim of the SEND Code of Practice is preparation for adulthood.  It’s vital that all young people can prepare to live as independently as possible.  Like other young people of a similar age, many young people with SEND will want to get a job when they are older. So getting young people travelling independently between home and school is an important investment, both financially and developmentally;  it is a valuable life skill and an essential employability skill – without this, getting employment could be more difficult, if not impossible.  Additionally, independent travel can provide so many opportunities for young people, increasing confidence in their abilities as well as supporting their future development.

Quote from a parent

We had a few weeks of travel training with Balance which went well.  For the record, they are extremely thorough and quite professional and I would definitely recommend them.  XXX made good progress and has been “signed off” to make the school journey independently.

All Travel Trainers have completed an accredited Independent Travel Trainers qualification and have been Disclosure and Barring Service checked.

A Travel Training Coordinator and a team of travel trainers work alongside a number of children with special educational needs living within Kingston and Richmond, who have left minibus or taxi transport.  This team of Independent Travel Trainers have extensive experience in supporting children and young people with additional needs. Their aims are to provide safe, successful and fun travelling techniques to children and young people.

Balance understands that Independent Travel Training may initially be overwhelming for child/young person as well as for the parents.  Balance are keen to support child/young person’s needs during this period. They will provide information to them in manageable amounts and accessible formats.

​The whole travel training process is designed to teach children and young people, who are eligible for SEND Transport assistance, how to travel independently to and from school. 

Any parents who feel that their child may be ready for this stage or would like to receive more information should contact:

Denis Baku
Achieving for Children SEND Transport 
Phone: 020 8547 4708