What is the register?

The register is a list of children in the Kingston and Richmond boroughs who have a disability and who receive, or may one day need to use the services from health, social services, education or voluntary organisations. All local authorities are required by The Children’s Act 1989 to hold a register.

What is it for?

It is to help Achieving for Children (AfC) and the Integrated Service for Children with Disabilities (ISCD) plan local services for children and young people with disabilities, for example, leisure activities, education and short breaks. It is also a contact point for important milestones such as transition to adult services.

Who can see the information on the register?

The register is kept on a computer. Statistical information (figures only, with no names) is given to organisations who ask for it. Personal information can only be given to certain people in health, education or social services who need to know it.

Who can register?

We would like the parents of all children and young people who have a disability or young people with a disability under the age of 25 to register so we can make the best plans for the future. No one has to register if they do not want to.

Register for Children and Young People with Disabilities Eligibility Criteria 

Who should fill in the form?
  • The parent, carer or guardian of a child or young person with a disability.
  • A young person with a disability who is under 25 years. You can get someone you know to help you.

All personal information given in this form is covered by the Data Protection Act and other legislation concerning storing and sharing data.

What are the benefits of being on the register?

The families of children who are on the register benefit from the following:

  • You will be issued with a Disability Awareness Card.  This photo card will allow holders to be able to easily demonstrate the needs of their child.  The card can support families to gain discounts and carer support in some retail and leisure activity outlets.
  • You will receive information from the ISCD and other teams within AfC when this is sent out to people on the register.
  • We may use the register as a resource for consultations with parents and young people on different aspects of the service and feedback.
​How do I apply to join the register or register my child/young person?

Download the application form

ISCD Business Support Team

Email: iscd.businesssupport@achievingforchildren.org.uk 

Integrated Service for Children with Disabilities

Moor Lane Centre, Chessington, KT9 2AA