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Activity Fund

The purpose of the Activity Fund is to help provide children and young people with disabilities with a Short Break.  

More information on what we mean by a Short Break (opens a new window)

Flexible use of the Activity Fund for children and young people with disabilities

Due to the continuing COVID situation, the way in which we offer the Activity Fund will continue to be flexible. The Activity Fund usually provides £140 towards activities for eligible children and young people to take part in, each financial year (April to March). These activities include activities such as swimming sessions, annual passes, and activity clubs during term time and during school holidays. As activities remain open and available, we welcome applications to support children and young people to enjoy these activities. We will continue offering flexible use of the Activity Fund to support children and young people who are unable to access activities or choose not to currently. The Activity Fund panel will review the flexible funding offer again ahead of the new financial year (April 2022), in line with the UK government guidelines at that time.

Examples that may be agreed:

  • Toys/games
  • Exercise equipment
  • Bubble machine
  • Trampoline
  • Bicycle/trike/scooter
  • Electronic device
  • Online subscription
  • Online fitness class
  • Online course
  • Sensory lights
  • Musical instruments
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Paddling pool

If you wish to request funding towards the cost of an electronic device, please specify the device that you wish to purchase. If the electronic device is not specified your application cannot be accepted.

Funding for tablets and laptops will be considered as they provide a variety of activity options for children and young people to enjoy. Examples are social experiences, communication software, reading, learning across a wide range of subject areas, art and design functions, photography, etc. all of which are considered to be enriching short break activities. Funding for electronic sensory resources such as a bubble tube light will be considered as these types of devices provide sensory stimulation and enrichment for children and young people to enjoy which is considered to be a short break activity.

Funding for televisions, projectors, DVD players, games consoles, console games and accessories will not be considered for funding as they do not provide as many activity options as a laptop or tablet. The entertainment that these items offer is not considered to be a short break activity due to the nature in which these activities take place. Also the level of enrichment that they are able to provide is unclear in comparison to the other electronic devices listed above.


When can you apply for funding?

You can apply between 1 April 2021 and 1 March 2022. 

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What can’t the funding be used for?

It cannot be used for any kind of equipment, school trips, therapies or other health interventions, expenses such as transport, meals, the cost of other family member’s tickets etc. The funding cannot be used for an activity or holiday that has already happened (unless there is a valid reason for not applying beforehand).

Using Activity Funding for holidays

In certain circumstances, the funding could be used for a contribution towards a holiday for a child or young person or towards a family holiday.  Please see the Activity Fund application form for information on the criteria for funding towards holidays.

Who is eligible for funding?
  • The child/young person must live in the boroughs of Kingston or Richmond
  • The child/young person must have a diagnosed disability or be on the pathway to being assessed for a disability with confirmation from a professional involved in the process
  • The child/young person must be under 18 years of age
Who can apply for this funding?

The parent/carer the child/young person or a professional such as a Social Worker, Family Support Worker or school SENCO can complete the form on behalf of a parent/carer.

Is there a cap on funding?

The amount of funding available per child, per year (1 April to the 31 March) is £140.

How is the funding paid?

The parent/carer will be reimbursed once they have provided us with the proof of purchase.  Or, if you prefer, we can request an invoice from the provider and pay them directly. All payments are subject to the 30 day AfC payment terms.

Apply for Activity Fund
Activity Fund online application and full terms and conditions(opens a new window)  


If you cannot apply online, please call the Activity Fund Administrator:

Activity Fund Administrator

Phone: 020 8547 5562