In April 2019, Councillor Diane White Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services including Education, invited Kingston parents to join a Parent Consortium to help guide and support our communication and consultation with parents and carers, and to help the Council and Achieving for Children understand the needs of the wider SEND community.

You can read full details in the original invitation here.

The first meetings of the consortium were held in May 2019. You can read notes of the initial and subsequent meetings below:

COVID 19 - during this period members of the Consortium and Parent Carer Forum have been holding regular online meetings with Achieving for Children and partners.  Notes of these meeting from 20 March onwards are listed below. 

1 May 2020 (opens a pdf)

24 April 2020 (opens a pdf)

3 April 2020 (opens a pdf)

27 March 2020 (opens a pdf)

20 March 2020 (opens a pdf)

January 2020 (opens a pdf)

November 2019 (opens a pdf)

September 2019 (opens a pdf)

July 2019 (opens a pdf)

May 2019 (opens a pdf)