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An apprenticeship is a job with training. Through their apprenticeship, apprentices will gain the technical knowledge, practical experience and wider skills and behaviours they need for their immediate job and future career. The apprentice gains this through formal off-the-job training and the opportunity to practise these new skills in a real work environment. 

Apprenticeships can be accessed year round however, some large employers will recruit apprentices in groups at certain times of the year. 

There are a variety of ways to obtain an apprenticeship but applying for an apprenticeship is a competitive process. Apprenticeships are jobs, so employers decide who they are going to employ, and what the entry requirements should be.  These may include specific GCSEs or particular experience. 

Apprenticeships are available at a range of levels, with the entry roles generally being offered at level 2. 

Intermediate - Level 2 Equivalent education level to GCSE
Advance - Level 3 Equivalent education level to A Levels
Higher or Degree - Levels 4 - 7 Equivalent education level to Foundation degree / Bachelors / Masters


Local apprenticeship vacancies are often advertised on the National Apprenticeship Service website (opens a new window) where you can search by postcode. 

However some training providers and large employers advertise directly on their websites. Each link below leads to external provider websites showing apprenticeship vacancies: 

Another way to obtain an apprenticeship, particularly practical apprenticeships, is to find an employer who can offer a suitable role in their organisation.  The employer can then search for a local training provider who can support them by delivering the required training alongside the job. 

During National Apprenticeship Week we  launched a two part podcast with Abbie and Hayat, our very own apprentices. Listen to find out about their journey's and how the apprenticeship has changed their lives.  

Part 1 - Is it for you? 
Part  2 - how has it changed your life?

Adjustments for young people with EHCPs undertaking apprenticeships

Adjustments can be made to apprenticeships to ensure that they are inclusive for young people with SEND relating to the below: 

The apprenticeship training provider will be able to provide further information on the above and adaptations that can be made.  

The website Amazing Apprenticeships hosts a range of information including monthly parents/carer packs giving the latest apprenticeship updates.

Amazing Apprenticeships website (opens a new window)

If you or your young person would like to know more about traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities, please email: