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Training and Employment



Photo of Chris smiling

What is your current job and what does your role involve?

My role is in transport planning which includes bus planning, sorting out tables etc. PVR - Peak Vehicle Requirements, analyzing journey times and lay overtimes

What training did you undertake to get to where you are today and are you still working towards any qualifications?

I attended Kingston College on the Travel and Tourism L2 course.

What support did you get to help you achieve your goals?

Chris said of his support from AfC’s Vocational Pathways advisors. They gave me every bit of support and more and they always have the young person’s best interest at heart.”

Has the employer been supportive?

The employer informed others of my diagnosis which has helped them to understand me better. They do allow me extra time for me to process but my passion for this work usually means that I manage it well. I also get extra time at college. The people here are lovely.

What is the best thing about your job or Apprenticeship?

The best thing about my Apprenticeship is that I get access to really insightful TFL resources’ which makes me feel very powerful.