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Preparing for Employment

Case Study A

What is your current job and what does your role involve

My current job is as a volunteer playworker with Achieving for Children at Castelnau Community Centre which is once a week. My role as a playworker are to help set up play area, observe, assist parents and the 0 to 5year olds. I am allocated a child which I work closely observing their development and interact with them through play. I also watch them when they go to the toilet and make sure they wash their hands.

What training did you undertake to get to where you are today and are you still working towards any qualifications?

I had previously attended Orchard Hill College on a pre employment placement which allowed me to attend work placement and college. I am unsure about working to towards childcare for now. I would like to gain some experience so I can eventually obtain childcare qualification in the future.

What support did you get to help you achieve your goals?

Carol and Gill (AfC’s Transition Careers Advisor and Vocational Pathways Coordinator) were able to support me from the first meeting with them. They listened to my views and thoughts and encouraged me to be actively involved in helping me with EHC plan and choosing a college. I was informed step by step on what was happening, and I could ask them about any problems I was having. Carol and Gill made it easier for me to trust them as I had a bad experience before with other college and I felt very confident with them.

How supportive has your employer been and have they made any adjustments for you in the workplace?

My employer was very supportive as they review my EHC plan and listen to the views of my mum and me. They had a meeting before I joined the team and discuss how they could support me. Everyone was aware of my learning difficulties and I was very happy that I didn’t need to explain my learning difficulties. I struggle with complex instruction so most of my instructions are very short and simple, so I can understand. I do like that I have been supported from the start.

What is the best thing about your job

 I like volunteering there as it is a safe environment at Castelnau Community Centre. I like spending time with the younger children and their parents. I like that it is near to where I live, I don’t need to travel far. I also like that is a small group of children as I think it would be hard to be a larger group.


What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome these? 

I was attending two sessions at different Children Centres but I found it confusing as I have difficulty remembering places and people. The team manager spoke to me and decided to be at one place. This has made it easier for me to work as playworker.