There are various social care teams within Achieving for Children that might support a young person through transition, depending on their circumstances. Which team leads on this will depend on the level of support that the young person will need as they move into adulthood.

The main teams are:

Preparing for Adulthood SEND team

Many young people will supported by the Preparing for Adulthood SEND team who will work with the young person, the family and in collaboration with other agencies, to identify, review, track and plan, support and services through transition.

  Preparing for Adulthood SEND Team

​Children with Disabilities Social Care Team
Family Support Team (FST)

Find out more about the Children with Disabilities Social Care and Family Support Teams

Looked After Children and Leaving Care Teams

Provide young people, their parents and carers with information on the process of transition to Adult Services. 

Adult Social Care

Young people transferring from children's social care services to adult social care services will come under the care of adult social care team in the borough where they live.

For Kingston this will Adult Social Care provided by the Royal Borough of Kingston.

For Richmond this will be Adult Social Care provided by the Borough of Richmond upon Thames.