Achieving for Children currently supports a number of young people in Specialist Providers Institutions (SPI) placements.  Some of these are out of borough but we also support young people to attend in borough specialist college provision at Orchard Hill.  Our expectation is that SPI's will offer learners with SEND, provision of the highest quality possible to ensure that they enjoy a positive learning experience whilst resident at the SPI and are able to progress successfully at the end of their placement. 

All AfC’s post 16 ISP placement providers are included in the list of independent educational institutions approved by the Secretary of State under Section 41 of the Children and Families Act 2014 (the ‘Section 41 list).

In 2019/20, learners from Kingston and Richmond are attending the following educational institutions: 

               Aurora Boveridge
               Aurora Foxes Academy

               Beyond Autism (Post 19)

               Cambian Lufton              
              Coleg Elidyr
               Dorton College
               Farleigh College
               Glasshouse College
               National Star College

               Orchard Hill College

               Link to SEND information (pdf)

               Orpheus Centre

               Ruskin Mill College

               Link to SEND information (pdf)

               Sheiling College 
               Link to SEND information

               South Thames College – Aurora Centre

               Link to SEND information

               St John’s College

               The Priory, Swindon

               Link to SEND information 

               The Royal National College for the Blind 

               Treloar College
               Link to SEND information

               West Thames College - Ambitious College

               Link to SEND Information

               Young Epilepsy

               Link to SEND information


You can find more details of Independent Specialist Providers here:

View the Section 41 Secretary of State approved list (