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Preparing for Adulthood

Funding post-16 placements

The government funds the first £10,000 (known as ‘core’) of each post-16 high needs placement in publicly funded schools and colleges.  AfC is responsible for commissioning and funding places for learners with SEND who need a higher level of support than this (‘top up’ funding).  Funding for all proposed placements in all post 16 settings is agreed by our post 16 high need funding panels (one for Kingston and RIchmond), which comprise professionals from children’s and adult services and from health.  Preparing for Adulthood EHCP Co-ordinators represent the interests of young people and families on the panel.  Panel decisions are made with due regard to the learner’s Education, Health and Care Plan and the appropriateness of the provider in meeting the learner’s needs. 

Managing and monitoring funding, and contracting with providers for post 16 placements is the responsibility of our 14-25 team.