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Preparing for Adulthood


BILD (British Institute of Learning Disability) is one of the leading learning disabilities organisations in the UK. Their website contains lots of useful resources and fact sheets including some about friendships and relationships to support people to have a great life.

BILD relationship advice pages (opens a new window)

Choice Support is a national charity, supporting people with autism, learning disabilities and mental health needs.  Supported Loving is a human rights-based campaign, with associated network meetings, hosted by Choice Support. They believe people with learning disabilities and/or autism should be able to enjoy the same sexual and romantic freedoms as everyone else.  Choice Support publishes Supported Loving blogs, news and resources.

Supported Loving on the Choice Support website (opens a new window)

Down's Syndrome

The Down's Syndrome Association have created a Relationships and Sex Education training package specifically designed for the learning strengths and challenges of people with Down’s syndrome.

The training will be facilitated by those who purchase the resource, such as a care provider, a local authority, support group or a parent or carer, who will use the resource to deliver eight sessions covering all aspects of Relationships and Sex.

The resource is suitable for adults aged 18 and over.

The training resource is made up of 8 different sessions covering:

  • Rights
  • Consent
  • Privacy and boundaries
  • Sexual acts
  • Sexuality, gender and safe sex
  • Relationships
  • Online safety and self esteem
  • Recap session

About Down's Syndrome : Let’s Talk about Relationships and Sex training resource (opens a new window)

Love Life: resources for young people with learning disabilities

The NSPCC has developed films and resources (opens a new window) aimed at young people aged 11 to 25 to help them learn strategies for staying safe as they grow up and gain independence.

They enable adults to start conversations with young people about:

  • feelings
  • privacy and boundaries
  • friendship
  • different kinds of love
  • online safety

Dating agencies 

My favourite hello

Online dating designed for people with aspergers, autism and learning disabilities.

My favourite hello website (opens a new window)


A central London agency providing a safe environment for you to make new friends and start relationships. happily are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) and their aim is to bring people together from all over the city. They focus on dating but believe friendship is just as important!  To become a member of happily you have to have a learning disability or autism and be over the age of 18. 

happily website (opens a new window)