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Tips for involving young people

How to involve us in meetings - tips from young people

  • Hold meetings when we can attend, in accessible venues
  • Give us information about who will be at the meeting
  • Make sure the meeting has a clear structure and stick to it
  • Create accessible agendas and notes for us
  • Talk one at a time and stick to the topic
  • Think about the language you use – try not to use jargon or acronyms and explain them if you do
  • Don’t bring lots of things to the meeting for us to read there (‘tabled’ reports).
  • Send information to us before.
  • Don’t overwhelm us with information.
  • Give us time to process what is being said or shared.
  • Ask us if we have something to say and give us enough time to say it.
  • Listen to us and take what we say seriously.
  • We will decide what we share in meetings.
  • Please respect this. If we share our information or experiences, please ask whether we want them recorded or kept confidential.

"About me" guides

All staff should working with children and young people with SEND should complete an "About me" guide which is an easy read introduction to their job role, likes/dislikes and how to contact them. 

An example of a guide: Karen Lowry - AfC Info/SEND Local Offer Website Manager(PDF)

If you have any questions about the guides and would like to complete one for yourself, please contact the Participation Team.

Email: [email protected]

Communicating with young people online

​FLARE, is the young people’s advisory group supported by the Council for Disabled Children. They are a group of 13 to 25 year olds from across England. 

With virtual engagement increasing to reflect the needs and development of participation, FLARE have created their top tips for professionals who are communicating online with children and young people.