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Participation and Involvement Activities

Kingston Parent Carer Forum


In Kingston there is approximately 4000 families that support and care for a young person with a Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND). All these young people need the help and support of a range of services and professionals to ensure their young person can stay healthy and reach their full potential.

To make sure these services understand and meet the needs of the young people and families they serve it is important that they hear from that community. 

Kingston PCF is made up of local parents and carers who work to ensure children with special educational needs and disabilities and their needs are heard and understood by local services and decision makers. Part of a national network we try to ensure by feeding in the experiences and needs of Kingston parents and carers who have children with additional needs and disabilities, better, more relevant and responsive services will follow. As local SEND parents ourselves we bring a wealth of different experiences of helping our own children and young people through life

We also make sure parents and carers have access to events and information that they might find useful as a SEND family.

Members of the Forum have been meeting regularly with a wide range of agencies to give feedback on the availability, quality, and effectiveness of services in the borough. You can read notes of meetings below.

The team of PCF volunteers are really keen to hear from more parents and carers and collect their thoughts in order to pass a wide range of views and experiences back to those that make the decisions about what services our young people will have access to.


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In April 2019, Councillor Diane White Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services including Education, invited Kingston parents to join a Parent Consortium to help guide and support our communication and consultation with parents and carers, and to help the Council and Achieving for Children understand the needs of the wider SEND community.

You can read full details in the original invitation here (pdf)

The first meetings of the consortium were held in May 2019. In September 2019, the parents of the Consortium made a decision to become the official Parent Carer Forum (PCF) for Kingston. You can read notes of *regular meetings held with the Consortium/Forum initial below.

*COVID 19 - during this period members of the Parent Carer Forum have been holding regular online meetings with Achieving for Children and partners.  Notes of these meeting from 20 March 2020 onwards are listed below:

Notes of meeting and papers

May 2021 (word)

Special Educational Needs and Disability Register - Update to the Kingston SEND Parent/Carer Consortium (pdf) 

March 2021 (pdf)

February 2021 (pdf)

SEND Team update (pdf)

January 2021 (pdf)

15 December 2020 (pdf)

Kingston Parent Consortium Survey Findings and ASD data (pdf)

Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment - The Challenges and Opportunities (pdf)

9 November 2020 (pdf)

Presentation - Kingston’s Local Area SEND Inspection Written Statement of Action (pdf)

 12 October 2020 (pdf)

12 October (word)

Social Care presentation (pdf)

14 September 2020 (pdf)

Presentation of results of Parent Carer Forum survey (pdf)

Draft Joint Commissioning Strategy (pdf)

Presentation of the Joint Commissioning Strategy (pdf)

Presentation of emotional wellbeing and mental health services (pdf)


10 August 2020 (pdf)

Written updates were sent out two weeks ago as requested by parents and carers and posted on the Local Offer Website.  These are available here:

13 July 2020 (pdf)

29 June 2020 (pdf)

16 June 2020 (pdf)

1 June 2020 (pdf) 

18 May 2020 (pdf)

1 May 2020 (pdf)

24 April 2020 (pdf)

3 April 2020 (pdf)

27 March 2020 (pdf)

20 March 2020 (pdf)

January 2020 (pdf)

November 2019 (pdf)

September 2019 (pdf)

July 2019 (pdf)

May 2019 (pdf)