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You said, we did - 2017

Feedback about the look, feel and functionality of the Local Offer website

You said: The Golden Binder and Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) forms are not easy to find. Too many results come up in a search.

We did: We have taken steps to improve this and hope the information is much clearer and easier to find. We have also built in more direct links to the Golden Binder and EHCP forms on an updated version of the Local Offer website which will be released in summer 2017.

You said: Webpages containing the EHCP templates could be made clearer so that it was easier to know which templates should be used

We did: Helpful explanation has now been added to the pages.
You said: Please can you provide some guidance on how to use the 'local offer' site, particularly on how to navigate the site and find specific topics?                 We did: The Local Offer is constantly being updated in response to feedback and by learning lessons as usage increases and our knowledge develops. We have already made changes and have more planned in an updated version of the Local Offer that is due for release in summer 2017. After this we can consider a guide to using the website.
You said: Young people would like to change the Young People’s Zone – maybe changing the sections and renaming.  We did: We worked with a group of Young People to redesign the Young People’s Zone. This resulted in renaming it as a Young People’s Hub, the new name chosen by the group, making the Hub more prominent on the Local Offer site and planning some renaming and reorganising of the sections in the Hub. The group also had significant input into the planning and design of a new AfCinfo site due for launch in summer 2017, including how we could further raise awareness of SEND and integrate information with the Young People’s section on the new website.  
You said: Young people would like a more accessible way to feedback on the Local Offer. A way of rating pages with icons or symbols. We did: Working with young people we developed an accessible “smiley face” feedback option that will be incorporated for the new launch in summer 2017.
You said: Are there any plans for an audible version of the Local Offer to be made available? We did: This will be available when the site is relaunched in Summer 2017.
You said: It is difficult to search for activities on the Local Offer website. We did: We have developed some improvements to the events calendar on the site which will be available when the Local Offer relaunches as part of the AfCinfo site in summer 2017.
You said: It would be good if there was a way for children and young people to ask questions of other young people with SEND about their experiences.  We did: Working with young people we have designed an online form which will be available on the new site in summer 2017. The question form will be overseen by the Web Content Manager and the Participation Team and facilitated by a group of young people with SEND. 
Feedback about content and services in the Local Offer
You said: I am moving into the area. My child has an EHCP. How does it get transferred?

We did: We created a new page on the Local Offer which explains how this works.

You can view the new page here

You said: I don't know how to choose a school for my child. What advice is there?

Also, I am moving into the area. When and how should I apply for a school for my child?

We did: Working with parents we created new guidance and advice on the Local Offer. The SENDIAS service also produced a video about this subject.

You can view the new pages here and here‚Äč

You said: My child attends a non-special independent school. What support can we expect for his/her needs?

We did: We created a new page on the Local Offer which explains about support for SEND in non-special independent schools.

You can view the new page here

You said: The information on Short Breaks on the Local Offer website is unclear.  Parents feel it's not easy to see what's available and what is there is not clear.            

We did: We have made some initial improvements to the content and display of this information and will continue to work with parents to make this section clearer and more helpful.

You said: My xxx is diagnosed as having ASD, and has a lot of support at school. xxx loves drama, and recently went to a taster session, which xxx really enjoyed. It was obvious to me that xxx really needed one on one support throughout the session. I will not be able to take xxx to drama because of this. Is there any way I can get funding to give xxx the support xxx needs at an out of school club?

We did: David Arrow
Inclusion Development Officer
For The Integrated Service for Children With Disabilities said: 

"Thank you for you enquiry into seeing if we can support xxx into accessing Drama in an out of school setting. I am pleased to say that we have an Additional Support Fund that will allow us to fund an additional support worker to help xxx access and be included into an out of school club. I will be happy to discuss this further with you. If you would like to ring me on 020 8547 6564 or email [email protected]"

You said: Please can you provide more information on the Local Offer about social/activity groups for children with disabilities? Also, what alternative weekend social skills groups are available in the area for children with ASD?

We did: The Short Breaks team will work on this information to update it.
You said: Parents can get a Parent Carer Needs Assessment (PCNA) if their young person is over 18 and the Local Offer needs to reflect that.

We did: We added this information.

You can view the page here

You said: I received a letter from the Richmond Paediatric Occupational Therapy NHS service, dated 25 May 2016, which states that because of a "national shortage of Paediatric Occupational Therapists", Richmond NHS is currently "struggling" to fill their staff vacancies, with the result that "in the short term, we will only be seeing children who have complex equipment needs, degenerative conditions, and/or safeguarding plan and new assessments". My child has OT provision in his/her EHCP, under education provision in Section F. Under Section 42 of the Children and Families Act 2014, the local authority is required "to secure the special educational provision specified" in my child's plan. Up until now, the NHS has provided that provision. I was wondering how the local authority was going to secure my child's OT provision if the Richmond NHS have inadequate staffing in place?

We did: In response to this and concerns raised by other families, we issued a news update.

You can read the article here (archived)

You said: Is there an autism advisory services in Kingston that supports children in mainstream schools who have a diagnosis of autism? Also, are there any organisations that provide post-diagnostic support for families, e.g. Cygnet/Early bird programmes?

We did: In response to this we said: 
"Thank you for your enquiry about support for children with autism in mainstream schools.
We do provide parenting programmes including EarlyBird, EarlyBird Plus and Cygnet. 

Here is a link to the information on our Local Offer website.

We do have an Outreach Team and suggest you make contact with:

Hannah Webber,
SALE Team - Speech and Language Advisory Teacher
Social Communication  Intensive Package Team and EB+ Team Co-ordinator"

You said: Please can AfC clarify its complaints procedure, as we cannot find it on either the AfC website or the Council websites. 


We did: Full details of all complaints processes and procedures were added to the Local Offer website.

You can view the page here

You said: Please could AfC and EnhanceAble urgently reconsider your decision to stop delivering overnight short breaks at Croft Cottage?  

We said: Joel Hartfield - Head of Partnerships and Business Development said "Following discussions between Richmond Council, Achieving for Children and EnhanceAble, we are pleased to announce that EnhanceAble will continue to provide overnight short breaks from Croft Cottage for the next eighteen months."

Read the full statement here

You said: That there is a gap in information around community dental services and that this information is difficult to find anywhere else, such as NHS and CCG websites.


We did: We contacted Community Special Care Dentistry to gather information and pass on feedback. 

You can view the information they gave us here

You said: How can I find childcare on the Local Offer? We did:  When the new AfCinfo site (which will incorporate the Local Offer) launches in summer 2017 it will contain a childcare search. Also, clearer information about support to access childcare if your child has additional needs.