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You said, we did - 2019

Feedback about the look, feel and functionality of the Local Offer website

You said:

Contact details should be easily available without having to go through multiple options which are either irrelevant or have no resemblance to what it is you are actually looking for.

We did:

We have listed all contact for key teams under a new section here

You said: I am a SENCO working at a local school and want to make a referral to CAMHs Tier 2 but no search brings me any results.


We did:

We have tagged the page so that this search will now return the Emotional Health Service pages ( which is CAMHS Level 2)

You said: This new leisure and social activities page is an interesting idea and will be very helpful to many families. Well done!


We did: Thank you. We will be adding new information frequently.


You said: You didn't like the voice on the "Read Aloud" function 


We said: We agree. We have removed this function until we can find a better option.


You said:   You sometimes find it difficult to find information.        


We said:  We are constantly reviewing the way we present information to make it easier and simpler to navigate. You can help by emailing us more details about the issues you are having.


Feedback about content and services in the Local Offer

You said: I've searched for 'carers' in the local offer search as I was hoping to see a good, informative and helpful section about support for carers. Please can the local offer team get together to overhaul and expand this section through consultations with the carers community and voluntary organisations, and also make such information much more prominent from the home page. Thank you.


We did: 

We have created a new and comprehensive section with Information for Carers all in one place.

You said: You need to make more effort to improve the way you communicate and reach more families directly. Not enough people know about what is available 


We did: We are looking at ways that we can do this including relaunching and reviewing the Disabled Children's Register. We are looking at our various distribution lists with a view to managing them better.  We have set up a "Keep in Touch" list and plan to set up a regular SEND newsletter.


You said: The Health information on the Local Offer could be better.


We did: We will be reviewing this with parents and carers and other professionals during 2019. ‚Äč