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You said, we did - 2021

Feedback about the look, feel and functionality of the Local Offer website
You said: We did:
Trying to find info on cognitive behaviour therapy for a child but get taken to occupational therapy instead... website is very inaccessible when you are trying to find services. Full of jargon...  We have been trialling a chatbot on the SEND Local Offer and can see that this search was made using the chatbot. The chatbot was in a beta (test) mode and therefore not fully programmed with all results. We have since decided not to use a chatbot on the Local Offer as a permanent solution. We have checked the main Local Offer search and can confirm that if you search for cognitive behaviour therapy, then the Emotional Health Service is first result that appears when searched that way. This is the primary service that offers CBT therapy to children and young people locally. We constantly strive to use plain English and avoid jargon or explain meanings. We have an extensive jargon buster on the website.
It is difficult to find simple resources. We are planning changes to the website to make it simpler to search. The website will relaunch with new changes in summer 2021. In the meantime, when people feedback it is very helpful to know details of what you couldn't find so we can look into this and try to improve it.
I'd like you to know how well-designed and clear this page is, with so many useful links to activities, study and employment opportunities in one place. Compared to other council sites, this is amazing. Also the range of opportunities for children and adults is marvellous and gives me hope for the future! Thank you for your feedback. 
I have find navigating this home page really hard. The colour of the text against the pictures can make it impossible to read the titles. In addition to this, the location of the sub areas can change, which is very annoying as a user as I want to be able to navigate the page easily, knowing where I should be heading. If anything has to change though, its the colour of the text over the pages where there are pictures. We are sorry that you have found the page difficult to navigate. It would be helpful to know exact details of what caused difficulties as we we do not have text against pictures on the sub categories on the home page of the website, as reported. All text is an accessible font and the contrasts meet current accessibility standards. It is also possible for users to adapt the page display to suit their needs using the accessibility tool available at the top of the page. We do update the sub sections frequently in response to feedback and as we see a need to reorder information when sections get too full.
Feedback about content and services in the Local Offer
You said: We did:

Richmond SEND Transport

Frustrating and unhelpful: the people in the e-mail contacts given below apparently deal with SEND transport for different Boroughs- but it's not clear who one should contact. in the first instance.

We are sorry that you found the page unhelpful. The SEND Transport Team is a small team. As such, they provide back up for each other when needed.  We have amended the text on the pages to make it clear who has main responsibility for each borough but to make it clear that either team member can help if an enquiry is urgent. See below:


If you have any questions about completing this application, or if you have already submitted an application and wish to make a follow up enquiry, please contact either:

For Richmond resident children, the main contact is Denis Baku - Phone: 020 8547 4708 Email: [email protected]  

For Kingston resident children, the main contact is Mary Gavin - Phone: 020 8547 5540 Email: [email protected]

However, both team members will be able to help if your call is urgent.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Register

Re this wording on this page

"You can remove details from the register at any time. This will not affect the services or support you currently receive. But it may mean you miss out on opportunities to provide feedback on services or receive information."

"Can I check? - the opportunities to provide feedback and receive information that kids or parents might miss out on are still made available on the Local Offer site right? Non-registered kids and families will not have their voices excluded just because they didn't sign up? I get that they will have to proactively search up those opportunities if not easily contactable but just want to check that they won't be excluded."

We can reassure you that all the information and usual ways of having your voice heard will be available on the Local Offer and publicised widely. We wanted to point out that by not receiving direct communication, children, young people and their families may miss the chance to contribute. We have changed the wording to make this clearer.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Register

I registered my young person on the New Special Educational Needs and Disability Register. I found the form very accessible and quick and easy to complete. Well done. 

Thank you. We are glad you found it accessible. We worked with young people and parent carers to design and test it. 

Special Educational Needs and Disability Register

The new send registration form wrongly names disabilities.

Specific learning disability?
Moderate learning difficulty?
Please explain. Wrong terms in U.K.

We were guided by the current Department for Education school census categories, and worked with parents, to decide how to set out the definitions of disabilities on the new form.  Matching the school census definitions also allows us to compare local and national data more easily. 
Thank you so much for presenting at the webinar on the SEND Local Offer on Tuesday evening.  We thought it was very well received and in particular having a tour of the website with practical tips for parents was very valuable. As requested I enclose the ‘chat’ from participants with their comments and echoing that they found the session extremely useful. There is so much valuable information on this site to support our families. Thank you for inviting us. We hope to be able to offer more sessions like this in future.
Cannot find any contacts, need to talk to my child's officer. Absurd! We already list contact details for key teams. When we launch the latest refresh of the website in summer 2021 we will make the "Contact Us" information more helpful by listing individual teams in one place. However, we won't list individual team member lists as these are subject to frequent change.  Calls to the SEND Team are chanelled through a single contact number which is answered by the SEND support team who are able to answer most questions about individual case progress.