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Jargon buster H - N

Healthwatch England

Healthwatch England is an independent consumer champion, gathering and representing the views of the public about health and social care services in England. It operates both at a national and local level.


Hearing impairment.

High Needs Funding Block

The high needs block is the funding for high needs within the DSG. 

Home Authority

This usually means the local authority in which a child or young person is ordinarily resident (and which therefore has the responsibility to the child or young person under the Children and Families Act 2014). 

Hospital Education

Education provided at a special school established in a hospital, or under any arrangements made by the local authority where the child is being provided with such education by reason of a decision made by a medical practitioner.

Income deprivation affecting children index or IDACI

A measure of financial deprivation that affects children: a score and rank is provided for each lower super output area. 

Independent School

A school that is not maintained by a local authority. 

Independent Supporter

A person recruited locally by a voluntary or community sector organisation to help families going through an EHC needs assessment and the process of developing an EHC plan.

Individualised Learner Record or ILA

A record completed by all post-16 education providers apart from schools and academies. Providers update the record frequently during the course of an academic year, and the data set is collected by the Skills Funding Agency regularly, and accessed by the Education Funding Agency. Final returns for the academic year are collected in the autumn term following the end of the year.

Integrated Care Board (ICB)

ICB decides how the NHS budget for South West London is spent and develops a plan to improve people’s health, deliver higher quality care and better value for money.

Integrated Care System (ICS)

A partnership of primary care, hospital, social care, mental health and community health services. We plan and deliver joined up services to improve access and quality and to reduce health inequalities


A local authority in England.


A learning difficulty assessment under section 139A Learning and Skills Act 2000.

Local Healthwatch

The local version of Healthwatch England in a particular area.


Learning Support Assistant, also sometimes called Teaching Assistant (TA).

Mainstream School

State school which can meet the needs of most children.

Maintained School

Schools in England that are maintained by a local authority – any community, foundation or voluntary school, community special or foundation special school.


A method of seeking to resolve disagreements by going to an independent mediator. Mediation must be offered to a parent or young person in relation to an EHC Plan. Mediation is not compulsory for the parent or young person but they will need to consider mediation before appealing the education parts of an EHC plan in most cases.


Moderate learning difficulties – not a legal term but often used in relation to the description of a school, i.e. an MLD school.

Multi-academy Trust

A group of academies working together under a shared academy structure.

National Curriculum

A statutory entitlement to learning for all pupils, determining what should be taught and setting attainment targets for learning. It also determines how performance will be assessed and reported. Children’s expected progress is currently determined by reference to standardised national curriculum “levels” which prescribe the expected attainment for pupils in each year group. This aspect is set to change in the near future but we expect something else to be put in its place.

Notional SEN Budget

In considering their funding formula for mainstream schools and academies, and the appropriate level of delegation of SEN funding, local authorities must make sure that the budget shares of schools and academies include an appropriate amount that enables them to contribute to the costs of the whole school’s additional SEN support arrangements, up to a mandatory cost threshold of £6,000 per pupil.