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Other sources of support for parent/carers

 Fathers/Dads/Male Carers 

  Are you a male carer living in the London Boroughs of Richmond and Kingston? Join us for our monthly meet-up sessions. Care/respite can be provided for the person you care for. This relaxed male-focused social group offers a safe, supportive and confidential environment to meet other carers who are in a similar situation. The groups provide friendship, activities and specialised support. They are also an opportunity to receive relevant advice and up-to-date information from Crossroads Care and Achieving for Children.

The Dad's Group is jointly run by Achieving for Children and Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston.

Crossroads Care website (opens a new window)


Other support for dads

The following local organisations run specific groups for dads or male carers.

Express CIC (opens a new window)

ADHD Embrace (opens a new window)

Man and Boy (opens a new window) started in Kingston but now operated across South West London and the Surrey area. 

Man and Boy say:

MAN&BOY support boys in school years 5-8 (ages 9-12 years), who are struggling with an aspect of life, be it at school or at home and would benefit from developing a deeper relationship with a significant man from their family (dad, step-dad, uncle, grandfather etc.) through activities such as camps, courses and other connect events.  Places are offered on the basis of need and because of recent strategic funding that we have been given to work with families in the area of Richmond and Kingston in 2020 we can offer free places for the Spring Programme. You can learn more at

DADinfo (opens a new window) was established in 2008 as a new generation men’s lifestyle channel and the leading voice for Dads. At we want to celebrate the changing role of Dads with engaging, helpful, practical, entertaining resources and content for every stage of their journey. It is home to the largest connected community of active, involved Dads through its interactive forum, providing great peer to peer support and advice for what can be one of the most challenging and rewarding life experiences. is run by the Family Matters Institute (FMI); a registered UK charity seeking to increase the value society places on the family through its research, training and digitally tailored services.


Children's Centres

Children's centres are places where all families with children under five, and expectant mothers and fathers, can go to help their children to get the best start in life. The facilities and activities are designed for young children and their families.

All children's centres will offer informal support for parents and a place for your child to play and learn.

Children's centres work with a wide range of partners to ensure that we can help families in whatever area they need.

Services in children's centres include: 

  • child and family health services 
  • information for families and carers 
  • early education and information about childcare 
  • support for children with special needs 
  • outreach and support to families in need 
  • adult education classes with crèche facilities 
  • helping parents find training and employment

Find your nearest Children's Centre (opens a new window)

Caring Matters book collection

A collection of over 60 books about carers and caring. Some of the books are very general, others are aimed at people caring for someone with specific illnesses and/or conditions.

All books are kept at Kingston library (opens a new window) but can be accessed from any library.

Welcare South West London

Located within walking distance of Mortlake train station Welcare South West London centre is easily accessible and provides services for families across the borough. Our focus is to work with parents and carers across the boroughs of Richmond and Wandsworth to help families work through their crises and maintain long-lasting change to improve the life prospects of parents and their children.

Welcare South West London website (opens a new window)

Welcare Kingston

WelCare House is a place for local families to meet, connect and support each other. We care about parents and parenting and WelCare House has a long history of being friendly and open place where parents and children can build confidence, support each other and get advice. We understand the challenges of parenting and welcome families from all backgrounds to WelCare. We value our friendly personal approach and our longstanding presence in the local community that enables us to provide long-term support for families. 

What we offer

  • We have a drop in service for parents who need advice and support or just a place to go to connect with others.
  • We organise events and play for families, including during the holidays.
  • We offer Families Connect, targeted support for parents experiencing mental health issues.

Welcare Kingston website (opens a new window)


Home-Start Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow is a family charity whose mission is to give a supportive start to struggling families with children in those critical early years under the age of 5.

Through the home-visiting work of our volunteers we offer emotional and practical support to parents, guiding them through and building their resilience to the demands and stresses that parenting brings. Ultimately helping to prevent family crisis and breakdown.

Home-Start Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow website (opens a new window)

Support if you have adopted a child

Children adopted from care can have ongoing needs, and you and your child may benefit from support. The support you are entitled to is outlined here by First4Adoption in The Adoption Passport: a support guide for adopters (opens a new window). Adoption services and support for Kingston and Richmond are provided by Adopt London South (opens a new window)

Council for Disabled Children

The Council for disabled children have published a report: Realistic Positivity: Understanding unexpected additional needs of children placed for adoption

Adoption changes the lives of the children and families involved forever. Whilst providing nurturing new families for children can be extremely rewarding for adoptive parents, it also presents significant challenges.

The pressure can multiply if a young child has additional needs that emerge after placement or that parents feel unprepared for. Families can struggle to cope with the extra demands of raising a child with special educational needs, disabilities or health problems.

Download the report from this page on the CDC website (opens a new window)

Counselling Services and help and advice lines 

Some of the support organisations already listed will offer counselling services for parent/carers and children and young people. 

‚ÄčThe following are national organisations that offer counselling or emotional support services.

Contact Listening Ear (opens a new window) - 1-1 telephone appointments for parent carers looking for emotional support.

Family Action (opens a new window) is an organisation that transforms lives by providing practical, emotional and financial support to those who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation across the country. Their FamilyLine (opens a new window) supports parents and carers via telephone, text message and email.

Navigate (opens a new window) is a national mentoring service that provides emotional support for parents of disabled children.


Navigate is open to any parent or carer who:

  • lives in England or Wales 
  • has a child who is going through or has received a diagnosis in the last year.

About the service

Navigate is a six-week programme that aims to put you in touch with a personal advisor, helping you to talk about your feelings and concerns.

There are also other counselling services that you may wish to consider. You can find details by searching for "counselling" in the Local Offer Directory Search (opens a new window) on this website.