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Neurodevelopmental Assessments (ADHD and Autism)

Assessments for children under the age of 5

Assessments for children under 5 are carried out by the Community Paediatric Services in either Kingston or Richmond. Information about how to make referrals to these services can be found on the webpages below:

Assessments for children aged 6 to 18 years

Assessments for this age group may be carried out by either:

Emotional Health Service (EHS) within Achieving for Children. The EHS is a Tier 2 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service or CAMHS,


South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust Tier 3 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service or CAMHS.


Referrals for all tiers of CAMHS go through the the South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust CAMHS Single Point of Access (SPA).  They screens all referrals for children / young people under the age of 18 who either: 

  • live in Richmond or a have Richmond GP
  • live in Kingston or a have Kingston GP

The CAMHS SPA team ensure that the child/young person is directed to the most appropriate service, including completing telephone screenings with the family and/or relevant professionals, or face-to-face assessments as appropriate.  

The referral may be accepted to:

  • Emotional Health Service (Tier 2 CAMHS Services) within Achieving for Children
  • South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust Tier 3 CAMHS services

Who can refer?

Any professional, who has parental consent, can make a referral to CAMHS.  All referrals should have prior consent from the young person and /or the family.  Following acceptance of a referral you and/or the family may be offered a consultation to discuss your concerns in more depth.  They also accept referrals on behalf of local youth counselling services and /signpost young people and their families to other local support services and resources. 

Parents/carers can also refer on their children’s behalf.

CAMHS Autism and ADHD Screening/Assessment Process - advice for schools making referrals 

Information videos aimed at teaching staff/SENCOs in Kingston and Richmond schools have been developed by Kingston and Richmond CAMHS Single Point of Access (SPA) and Your Healthcare. The aim is to increase school staff’s understanding and confidence around the local pathway to seeking a diagnostic assessment for Autism and ADHD within CAMHS. 

The videos can be viewed on the SENCo Zone.

Make a referral 

If you are a GP:

GP’s should make any CAMHS referrals via the Electronic Referral System (eRS). 

All other professional referrers or parents/families:

Refer directly to the CAMHS Single Point of Access by downloading the referral form from the South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust website. The completed form should then be emailed to: [email protected]

If you would like to make an enquiry prior to making a referral you can call the CAMHS SPA on 020 8547 6171, 9am – 5pm on weekdays.

About the assessment if you are referred to the Emotional Health Service

You will be seen locally in Richmond and Kingston (assessments take place at Moor Lane and at York Street Twickenham).  The service accepts a set number of cases for ASC and ADHD assessment per month as agreed with local health commissioners.


Several pieces of evidence are collected in order for cases to be triaged and accepted onto the assessment list. These include a developmental history form from parents, a school report form, a social communication questionnaire, a strengths and difficulties questionnaire and Conners rating scales. These are all required before a decision will be made about accepting for assessment. 

The pathway for ASC assessment is in three parts:

  • An interview with parents.
  • An Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) with the child or young person.  This is a semi-structured assessment between the child or young person and the clinician.    There is also usually an observer present from our clinical team. 
  • Feedback with parents and the young person (dependent on the young person’s age).

The diagnosis is made taking into account the parental interview, ADOS or BOSA assessment, school report and other evidence. A comprehensive report is written following assessment and includes the diagnosis.

Emotional Health Service leaflets for young people:


For ADHD assessments the assessment is in three parts: 

  •    A school observation or interview with school staff on the telephone if an observation is not possible
  •    A face to face interview with parents and with the young person 
  •    Feedback with parents and the young person (dependent on the young person’s age).

The diagnosis is made taking into account the clinical interview, school report and observation and other evidence. A comprehensive report is written following assessment and includes the diagnosis.

Emotional Health Service leaflets for young people:

Kingston and Richmond CAMHS acceptance criteria for a private diagnosis for Autism/ADHD

The following information sheet is aimed towards providing caregivers and professionals with basic information regarding gold/ best-practice standards for a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If a child or young person has been given a diagnosis of ADHD and/ or ASD by a private practitioner (e.g. non-NHS clinician), their written diagnostic report should meet the same standards as a diagnosis provided by NHS assessment services. Gold standards are determined through an assessment’s compliance with the guidelines put forth by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). 

Info-sheet on Private Diagnoses for ASD/C and ADHD

Feedback from parents and carers

  • Great to have a quicker, more efficient service.
  • It has been a fast and straightforward process which has been a pleasant surprise.
  • We felt that we weren’t rushed and further appointments were made, rather than comprising the information.
  • It felt that proper time and consideration was given to us all.
  • The staff both listened to me, they spoke with a nice tone and were there for me and were extremely kind and put me at a lot of ease.
  • Very supportive environment established straight away.
  • My son was treated with respect and not patronised at all. Staff that are easy to talk to, sympathetic to my child’s needs and accommodating.
  • Felt informal and relaxed.
  • They provided very constructive, useful recommendations which have been extremely helpful and much appreciated.

Assessments if you are over 18

Diagnosis services are provided by the Neuro Developmental Service provided by Your Healthcare for those over 18 years. This service covers Kingston and Richmond for Autism and Kingston only for ADHD.

Neurodevelopmental Services on the Your Healthcare website

ADHD in Richmond

The Richmond Adult ADHD Service is based at Barnes Hospital and is a service for adults aged 18 or over, who are registered with a Richmond CCG GP and who do not have a learning disability. It is an ADHD specific, non-urgent, part time service. They offer specialist assessment and diagnosis of ADHD.

Richmond Adult ADHD Service