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Health Services Richmond


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Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Annual Health Checks (opens a new window)
Audiology Paediatric (Hounslow and Richmond) (opens in new window)
Bladder and bowel - Children (opens a new window)
Biomechanics and Orthotics (Richmond) (opens in new window)
CAMHS Tier 2 - Emotional Health Service (opens a new window)

CAMHS - Richmond Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (Tier 3)(opens in a new window)

Children's Acute Nursing Service (CANS) (opens in new window)

Children’s Continuing Care Team (Richmond) (opens in new window)

Children's Speech and Language Therapy (Richmond) (opens in new window)

Children's Occupational Therapy (Richmond) (opens in new window)
Children’s Physiotherapy (Richmond) (opens in new window)
Children’s Community Nursing Service (Richmond) (opens in new window)

Children’s Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG) - Richmond (opens a new window)

Clinical Psychology (opens in new window)

Continence Care (opens in new window)

Community Paediatrics (Hounslow and Richmond) (opens in new window)
Community Special Care Dentistry (opens in new window)
Designated Clinical Officer (DCO) (opens a new window)
Educational Service for Sensory Impairment (ESSI) (opens in new window)
Emotional Health Service CAMHS Tier 2 (opens in new window)
Healthy Start (opens in new window)
Healthwatch Richmond (opens in new window)

Health Visiting (Richmond) (opens in new window)

Integrated Service for Children with Disabilities (ISCD) (opens a new window)
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Nurse Specialists - Richmond (opens in new window)

Neurodevelopmental Assessments (ADHD and ASD/Autism) - 5 to 18 years (opens in new window)

Neurodevelopmental Service (18+) (opens in new window)
Palliative and Respite Care (opens in new window)

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) - Hounslow and Richmond (opens in new window)

Podiatry and Foot Health (Richmond) (opens in new window)

Urgent Treatment Centre (Richmond) (opens in new window)

Richmond Adult ADHD (opens a new window)

School Nursing (opens in new window)
Sexual Health Services (opens in new window)
Sexual Health Services for Young People (opens in new window)

South West London Integrated Care Board (opens a new window)

South West London Integrated Care System - Richmond (opens a new window)

Wheelchair Services (opens a new window)


In Richmond, relevant community health services are commissioned by the Integrated Care Board and are provided by Hounslow and Richmond Community Health Trust. These services include community paediatrics, community children’s nursing, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Some health services are provided by external providers, for example, wheelchair services and special seating services which are provided by Queen Mary’s at Roehampton through a national NHS England contract. In Richmond, orthotics is also provided by Queen Mary’s.

Other relevant healthcare providers are acute trusts such as Kingston Hospital, St George’s Healthcare, West Middlesex Hospital, Guys and St Thomas’ and Great Ormond Street. South West London and St Georges Mental Health Trust provides support for Kingston and Richmond residents. 

How you access health services depends on which GP (doctor) you are registered with and which borough or health authority the GP comes under.