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Disabled Children's Nursing Team (Kingston)

The role of the Disabled Children’s Nursing Team (Kingston) is to:

  • Provide specialist nursing care, support and advice to families/carers in their own homes or respite centre.
  • Provide nursing support and training to staff within Kingston's Special Schools.
  • Provide training and support to mainstream schools to integrate disabled children where applicable.
  • Ensure that care is safe, effective and evidence based.
  • Teach families, children and carers the specific skills they need.
  • Provide, maintain and monitor specialist health equipment for the caseload.
  • Promote safeguarding in their everyday practice.
  • Work closely with other professionals to ensure that the child/young person's holistic needs are met.
  • Ensure that the child/young persons voice is heard during assessment, throughout treatments and by working with the Participation Team.
  • Work with other professionals to aid in a smooth transition to adult services.

Referral to the team is through the Integrated Service for Children with Disabilities.

Make a referral to Disabled Children's Nursing Team (Kingston)