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SEND School Governors

SEND School Governors

The SEND Governance Review Guide (opens a new window) is now available to download. Commissioned by Whole School SEND and co-funded between the Department for Education (DfE) and Driver Youth Trust in partnership with governance leaders, the guide, drawing upon the six features of effective governance, sets out a framework for how to ensure that learners with SEND access high-quality provision.

Every board is responsible for holding leaders to account for the education of learners with SEND. This guide has been developed to allow boards to effectively deliver on this responsibility. The guide builds on previous work to support strategic governance by the DfE and NCTL. An effective review of SEND governance should not become a simplistic box-ticking exercise. Therefore, this guide will help support and promote discussion and reflection with regards to outcomes for learners with SEND.

The SEND Governance Review Guide is based on the SEND Review Guide framework, which has now been downloaded over 3,000 times and adopted by schools, clusters and Local Authorities nationwide. The guide is suitable for all educational settings – including mainstream and special schools, post-16 provision and Alternative Provision.

The aim of the Review Guide is to ensure that all boards are able to have a positive impact in their setting. We hope that it will help to embed a culture of inclusion, collaboration and support within education. The SEND Governance Review Guide is free to download from the website (opens a new window)   

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