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Out of Borough Education Institutions - Kingston Children and Young People

  These out of borough schools currently have pupils attending with an Education, Health and Care Plan funded by Kingston.

These schools include mainstream schools, mainstream schools with special provision, special schools and will be a mix of maintained schools, independent schools and day and residential provision. Due to data protection reasons we do not give an indication of the needs of individual pupils from the local area attending each school and have only listed schools/institutions that have over 5 pupils funded by Kingston in attendance. ‚Äč

Blossom House School

Location: London Borough of Merton

Type of school: Independent Special School

Age group: 3 to 19 Years

Type of specialism: Specialist school for children with Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties.

View Blossom House School's Website (opens a new window)

More House School 

LocationKnightsbridge, London

Type of schoolIndependent Special School

Age group: 8 to 18 years

Type of specialism: Dyslexia, Developmental Language Disorders and Dyspraxia.

Visit the More House School Website (opens a new window)

Tram House School 

Location: Earlsfield, London

Type of School: Independent Special School

Age Group: 14 to 19 years

Type of Specialism: Autism

Visit the Tram House School Website (opens a new window)