If you feel that that there are no suitable schools for your child within your home borough, we will discuss this with you and let you know what other choices and options there are. This should include giving you details of schools outside the area that pupils with SEND from Kingston and Richmond boroughs already attend.

These schools include mainstream schools, mainstream schools with special provision, special schools and will be a mix of maintained schools, independent schools and day and residential provision. Due to data protection reasons we do not give an indication of the needs of individual pupils from the local area attending each school.

List of out of borough schools which have one or more pupils, currently funded by either Kingston or Richmond, with an Education, Health and Care Plan, attending

Transport to out of borough schools

We may be able to help with travel. Please read the criteria for SEND School Transport.

Information about SEND School Transport if you live in Kingston

Information about SEND School Transport if you live in Richmond

‚ÄčOther sources of information about out of borough education options